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This week’s question, sent via the Soul Guidance, comes from Andrew Coleman in the United States. Andrew is a Real Estate Investor and his website is

QUESTION: What wisdom and knowledge can you share about manifesting real money instantly into our physical reality?


Tal's Guidance: Thanks for your question Andrew.

I will answer from my own experience and years of immersion in wealth consciousness programs, books, practices and experience. Like most of us who begin immersing ourselves in a body and frequency of knowledge, I did so in response to my own need to create wealth and prosperity in my life by sharing my gifts and living on purpose.

Less than a decade ago, despite the fact that I could have plastered an entire wall with the certificates and educational merits I had passionately acquired over the years, I was deep in debt and had no clue how to create financial prosperity, let alone a decent living, by doing what I love and by sharing my joy and gifts with the world (which was a calling that had become uncomfortably larger than my ego, doubts and fears).

It was on one particular day, while sobbing on my bedroom floor in my little studio apartment in Santa Monica, California that I vowed to spend “however many more years it would take” to learn how to create authentic wealth in my life by living my dreams and sharing my gifts. I was sobbing because I didn’t know how I would pay rent that month. I was sobbing because I felt ashamed and helpless that I had years of education, passion and knowledge that I yearned to share with the world but “no money for rent”. It was precisely on that day that I chose to do “whatever it takes” to change my financial circumstances and set myself free. It was a defining moment that changed my life!  

So you see, back then, I needed to manifest money “instantly”.

I will share a few processes I put into place then that worked for me and that ultimately, led me to where I am today! Although today I have set up many “prosperity channels ™ “ to allow in larger and more consistent amounts of finances to flow to me, the process itself has not changed and I use it over and over again!

P.S. If you would like to learn more about Prosperity Channels™ and how they work, I have dedicated  an entire section to this topic in my 8 week Audio Workshop “8 Savvy and Spiritual Keys to Turn Your Soul’s Purpose into Gold”, available through the website.


When your energetic set point is desperate and in survival mode, it will create a frenzied energy or “running after” energy that is not conducive to drawing in money.

So how can we free up our energy?

For many of us, freeing up our energy may require that we take care of our basic needs and those of our family first. This may look like downsizing, putting ourselves on a budget, or keeping that “non-inspiring” job while cultivating our dream business or venture.

For me, after finally “surrendering” to my financial predicament, I moved back in with my parents (which also meant relocating to another country!). Although this was a mixed experience of deep gratitude for having such a generous and loving support system, it was also accompanied by a sense of failure for having to do so! That said, this was precisely what gave me the breathing space to focus on my “dream life” rather than staying in the same-old same old survival loop. Even though my ego took a beating, I intuitively knew this was the right step for me to take at the time. In retrospect it was precisely this decision that supported me in freeing up my energy to restart my life!

Now don’t get me wrong! If you absolutely know in your heart that cutting your “old chords” in one go is essential for freeing up your energy, that too is fine (although this can feel very disorientating!).  Having followed my intuition on many occasions in my life, I certainly have quite a few examples of the way this scenario has played out in my life too.

My point is that money is attracted to an open and trusting frequency, not a frenzied, survival one! Simply be honest with where you are energetically and take action from there!


Write it down. I suggest choosing an amount that is 50% believable and 50% unbelievable to you. You see, you want to be true to your current energetic set point or frequency because that is your point of attraction. So this is about being honest with yourself. Years ago, attracting an extra $1000 seemed like a huge stretch for me. Today, I honestly know I can easily attract that amount and much more in less time….so I stretch myself to the next level of discomfort or disbelief. It is really important to be honest with yourself here and not follow the set-point of  your neighbour or a “wealth guru”. This is about working with YOUR current frequency and stretching it to the next level. Take it from me, we have all started with our particular set point. It does not matter if it is $50 or $50,000,000. The point is to begin stretching yourself.


What will it support you in experiencing, feeling, knowing? Have fun while you jot “your why” on paper on in a journal.


You see, anticipation assumes that you know it IS coming in. It is a practice in having faith that the money you need or want will enter your life in perfect divine timing!


Let me share a recent example from my own life:

I was spontaneously and intuitively inspired to support my well being by signing up for a healing immersion program that I had not budgeted for in terms of my cash flow last month. I absolutely knew in my heart that this program would be the most supportive next step for me and I affirmed that the money would show up.

I asked myself why I wanted and needed it and wrote down something along these lines in my journal: “I have been so busy supporting others in their own healing process through my teaching, coaching and psychotherapy practice, that my own self-care has been neglected. I know in my heart that this program is an answer to my prayers. I am committing to replenishing myself and becoming more vigilant about my self care. My body and soul need this now. I know in my heart that this program is already paid for by spirit and the funds are already available! It is done!”

This is what transpired after that:

I began my first skype session for the program. The money had not yet come through but I was energetically clear that it would show up! I still did not have the immediate money to pay for the program but I affirmed that this would be taken care of. I was also very clear that this was something that was important to me and my clients (because when I am taken care of they get my best self!)!

Guess what happened?

About 30 minutes into my skype session I saw a payment coming in on my computer screen. It was from a client who had finally decided to invest in one of my coaching programs. The amount was $15 less than the entire amount I had to pay for my own immersion program.

This is the power of this process!

Again, let me be clear here, that I have spent time and energy setting up a network of prosperity channels™ through which money can flow to me. Spirit used one of these channels to support my needs

Knowing in my heart and in every fiber of my being  that 'source' is your provider, I send much light ahead to you all, I  know that if you are feeling lack or contraction around money, your soul is calling you (just like it did me!) to enter a process that will ultimately set you free!

Please share your own personal money manifesting stories, concerns, epihanies, questions and wisdom in the comment box below so that, as always, we can all drink from our 'communal well'!

Happy money manifesting to you!

From my heart to yours,



Yusuf says:

I meditate on six numbers for my state lottery before or after the drawing takes place regularly 4 2 years now. When I focus on them for just 5 mins in meditation 99.99% of the time one of those six numbers will pop up. There’s a 80% chance of none of my numbers popping up when u calculate the 50 numbers I don’t meditate on. So in that way I know we have a direct link 2 whatever we want. My personal best is 4 white balls now a days and I’m confident I”ll arrived at my goal. :-)

linda says:

I have been in a very bad financial state for the last 2 years. Recently I began learning about manifesting money and having faith in the universe. I told myself that my wallet would never be empty, and since then it hasn’t been. I don’t think my frequency is on point quite yet but I am so shocked and surprised to see how well it has been working! In May, I wrote down that I would manifest $3000 by July 1st. Well last month, my aunt had found an old check in her belonging sent to me for $2000.00! It was a 3 year old check from an insurance claim that I had forgotten about – but I called and had it reissued to me without a problem! Then, on July 2nd, I received an unexpected $700.00! $300 short and 1 day late is not too shabby if you ask me. Trusting and anticipating the money has worked so well! Thanks for this article. I am manifesting my dream life at this very moment.

Tal says:

Thanks for sharing Sandy!

Tal says:

Great to hear from you Ian. Much light ahead with manifesting your money miracles!

sapna says:


Thanks Tal for sharing. I didn’t tried it but today i m going to try. Thank you.

Thanks Tal for answering my questions so thoroughly I really appreciate it! Where I am now in my life I have to get use to the unlimited abundance of the universe. It is so overwhelming (in a good way!) I ask for $3 and the universe gives me $30! I agree it is about expanding your money consciousness, aligning you conscious levels with the money you wish to manifest, and increasing your vibration around money continuously. I love money not just making it but the true essence of it. I believe it has been the number one thing that blocks people from reaching higher consciousness.

Sandy says:

Love this site (and the content of course). Thanks for the sweet video as well

Ian says:

Thanks Tal, your story reminds me of 2 things. One is that we do have to set things up, usually by work as much as faith, so that we can get our prosperity going and often it is faith which enables us to do that work. The other has something to do with speed which I haven’t quite figured out yet. Sometimes the universe acts so quickly that it catches off guard – to the point of not seeing our needs have been met and we miss the whole thing by over analysis and other complicating human traits.
“I send much light ahead to you all, I know that…you are enter(ing) a process that will ultimately set you free!”
Hallelujah, I hope you are right. Best regards, Ian

jan says:

Sometime in February of this year, I was in need of $1,200 to pay a debt. The debt needed to be paid off before I could acquire more of what was needed. i remember saying to source, “You know I need this money; how you are going to send the money, I don’t know? But, I leave it up to you to pay this debt. Not too long after the above statement was made, my husband and I went to a party. After the party, my husband said, “Let’s go to the casino.” Happily we went to the casino; and within one hour, I hit a jackpot that paid $1,200! I knew where the money came from.


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